Thursday, November 15, 2007

On second thought

After posting a couple of days ago about BB&T and HBHC banks, I couldn't get BB&T out of my mind. I'd blame it on sentimental attachment to my commercial making days back at the turn of the decade, or the lore of Alpheus Branch, the founder, and the bank's historic role in rebuilding the South after the Civil War. But, truth is, it's more than that. While I don't agree with every move the brand management/marketing team has made over the last several years, I do continue to respect and have a high regard for the integrity and vision of the frat bros at the top (and I'm not kidding, they are a bunch of frat brothers from ECU). These guys understand brand at the most crucial points of delivery, where customer interacts. At this ravaged price, the shares have only one way to go, either organically or due to takeover. So, yep, I just added a small starting position. Will keep an eye on it and update accordingly.

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