Monday, November 12, 2007

Jerzy Kosinski was here

Days like today make me think of JK's writing, cynical/absurdist view. Woke this morning, pre-market, and did a little quiet meditation on possible moves. Decided to take the Chauncey Gardner approach and observe the change of seaons and the natural cycle of death and rebirth; the trimming back to set up for new growth. In other words. I'm still sitting pat and not dumping with the early panic. Still believe this is a 10% correction behind the smokescreen of the subprime meltdown.

Speaking of which, I found myself getting pissed and more pissed about all the various and far-reaching greedy moves that enabled that scam to take place. Investment Banker bonuses will be cut from twenty to ten million. And whole neighborhoods in places like East Cleveland will be (and are) turning into boarded up wastelands.

Seasons, cycles, what goes around comes around. That is some solace. Ah, look the market is turning green for the moment.

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