Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stocks slip on confidence slide, but Google powers on

Watching as just about all holdings slip following release of consumer confidence numbers. But there's Google, marching along, adding another 13 bucks a share. Surely, the news of Sohu (chinese competitor) blowout quarter is fueling growth, and perhaps renewed focus yesterday on Gphone strategy in WSJ.

As I write this, Apple and Chipotle are both poking into the green, showing strength. Expecting last-minute run up in Chipotle ahead of this afternoon's earnings call. Expecting another fun call today. Ells is a genuine treat to listen to as he rhapsodizes about the brand's values and self-imposed limits. Gotta admire his discipline. Especially true on days like today when all the news is about O'Neal and the results of a total lack of discipline.

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