Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The future is wrapped in tortillas

Chipotle does it again. No real surprise. They just continue to execute, day in and day out, with unwavering discipline and attention to detail. Quality people, exceptional thinking. An example. Now testing handheld POS machines so people paying by credit card can pay while (even before) ordering, further speeding up the checkout without destroying the assembly participation experience. Love it. Incremental enhancements without messing with the fundamental components.

Ells shared some great insight during the conf call about not knowing how to answer the question of whether Chipotle is good-fast or fast-good; and how that was probably a good thing. He went on to talk about his training in Fine Dining, and how he remains true to that in terms of ingredients and prep. He just happened to find a way to serve it fast. This is truly the magic. It's Fine Food Done Fast, while you watch and actually participate.

It's unique. I can't imagine anyone else coming close. For me, it would take something like a really great walk-thru Sushi bar. That might come close. But for now, Chipotle seems to have a moat that's looking more and more like a Lake every day.

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