Friday, May 18, 2007

Convergence in online ad space. And more.

It's finally happening. Google buys DClick, WPP beats out MSFT to buy RealMedia , then Mr Softee scrambles to overpay for aQuantive. Wonder if the original reincarnator, Robby Greenberg, will gin up something new and unexpected for IPG? Could lose his vanguard post quickly if he doesn't zig. Could be fun to watch.

So let's see. The computer will soon be the 47" lcd screen on the wall, piping in shows and music downloaded from iTunes and/or Comcast, and carried around on portable handheld when needed (plugged into car as required), and user will be not so much content generator as content editor. OLPC will succeed and 20 years, no 10 years, from now the world will be connected to wikipedia and all knowledge will be free. Poverty will begin to rapidly disappear along with cultural distinctions.

Museums will be big business as we scramble to preserve what hasn't already been lost. Artifacts will skyrocket in value at Christies and Southebys.

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